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DeerLab Albums Let You Create Your Own Trail Cam Photo Websites

DeerLab Albums have been unveiled, allowing hunters to create shareable, accessible trail cam photo websites.

When we last heard from DeerLab, the expansive trail camera photo management app, they had just released their “Profiles” feature. Profiles allowed for a deer’s movement and patterns to be easily distinguished, and ultimately led to the ability to predict when and where you would see the deer you’re after.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

Now, with the debut of “Albums,” DeerLab is taking things to a new, socially enhanced level.

Albums essentially let hunters create public, viewable webpage galleries of the trail cam photos they deem worthy. The albums work off of the tags that are already an integral part of the DeerLab app, and can highlight hit-list bucks or simply display one or more specifically-tagged image.

Public albums take away any of the location information connected to the images, to protect that secret spot from your hunting pals, but also automatically updates when new images are tagged accordingly.

See an album from the Sportsman Channel’s Hallowed Ground Outdoors

This kind of tool will be great for outfitters trying to flaunt their trail cam photos and entice customers to book with them, as well as hunters who want to show their friends the bucks they’re tracking. The Albums can be shared via social media and viewed from anywhere.

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This simple and easy-to-incorporate move is going to help DeerLab users big time, and should add a new element of the already useful app that’s dynamic and engaging.

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DeerLab Albums Let You Create Your Own Trail Cam Photo Websites