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Deer vs. Dublin Triathlete: Guess Who Won


In an epic takedown, a fallow deer blindsided an athlete during the cycling portion of a race in Dublin. 

Triathletes endure some grueling challenges during a race, but dealing with a deer shouldn’t be one of them.

Shane O’Reilly was recently competing in a triathlon at Phoenix Park in Dublin. During the cycling portion of the event he was met with a shock when a stag fallow deer cut him off.

The pair collided in what looks like a very bad wreck. Luckily for O’Reilly, his helmet took the brunt of the impact.

Twitter/Triathlon Ireland

“The helmet definitely saved me,” O’Reilly told a local RTÉ news reporter. “Apart from that my shoulder was a bit sore and I had a headache.”

The stag was one of 500 deer that currently populate the park.

“I never envisioned that they would actually try and leap over the cyclist,” Erik Scraggs, who took the photos, told BBC. “It all happened so fast, it was a really heavy crash.”

Fortunately, a cracked helmet being the only damage, O’Reilly managed to get back up and finish the race with a time of two hours 25 minutes.

As for the stag, he seemed to be fine, as he quickly rejoined the herd that crossed ahead of him.


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Deer vs. Dublin Triathlete: Guess Who Won