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Deer vs. Cars: Dash Cam Compilation Video

This deer vs. car video shows a few good reasons to pay attention to those yellow deer crossing signs.

Anyone that has experienced a deer vs. car scenario at high speeds knows that things can get pretty messy. As a kid that grew up in Central Florida, I can attest to the fact that deer can be a major hazard on certain stretches of roadway.

More than once we had our cars totaled due to collisions with deer. If you have been in a similar scenario you will certainly be able to relate to the video below!

Some of these were very reminiscent of accidents I have been in first hand. One such incident took place just outside Gainesville, Florida. Coming around a long bend in the road one night, a deer jumped out and froze right in front of our headlights.

Obviously, things went horrible for the deer. Since we couldn't slow down in time we hit the deer broadside at 65 mph. The impact caused the deer's stomach and intestines to explode and cover the windshield of our van.

I am sure glad we didn't have a dash cam running back then. That would have been one messy video.

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Deer vs. Cars: Dash Cam Compilation Video