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Deer-Vehicle Collisions on the Rise on Staten Island

With local officials uncertain how to handle the booming herd, Staten Island drivers will increasingly face the threat of deer-vehicle collisions this fall. 

Motorists on Staten Island should keep their eyes on the road this October as the borough’s booming deer herd begins the breeding season. Rut-crazed bucks ignore their normal caution, chasing does across busy thoroughfares becoming hazardous to drivers.

Local officials claim the New York City government has done little to address the issue of deer-vehicle collisions, according to the New York Post.

Over the last year, the whitetail deer population on the island has doubled to over 1,500 animals, this from a low of 24 animals in 2008. Yet, pleas to manage the herd have fallen on deaf ears.

“The environmental agencies haven’t taken it seriously enough,” said Assemblyman Joseph Borelli. “We didn’t expect an overnight solution, but there’s not even a plan to make a plan.”

Already this year, sanitation crews have disposed of 70 road-killed deer, almost twice the number from 2013.

“I’m sure the lack of urgency on the part of city agencies will change the instant a deer . . . takes the life of an innocent motorist,” Borough President James Oddo said.

Despite this, New York City’s Department of Transportation has no plans to erect “deer crossing” signs, preferring to raise awareness through social media and roadside message boards.

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Deer-Vehicle Collisions on the Rise on Staten Island