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Deer Takes Out Longboarder at 40 MPH [VIDEO]

This longboarder definitely didn’t see this coming! This deer takes out longboarder at 40 mph. 

Yikes! Helmet cam records deer crashing into longboarder doing 40 MPH downhill! How crazy is this?

And you thought you were only at risk in a car…

The longboarder with the camera on his helmet is following his three buddies down a steep road. Longboarders notoriously haul down highways. They wear pads on their hands to help them steer when they lean down to the ground.

The longboarder in the back catches his buddy in front of him get taken out be a deer. In fact, it almost looks like the deer is charging at the longboarders.

That must have a left a few bruises. We are pretty sure he lived…

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Deer Takes Out Longboarder at 40 MPH [VIDEO]