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Deer Swimming Out to Sea Rescued by Conservation Officer in Florida

Photos via Facebook/FWC

An FWC officer re-directs a wayward deer back to the shore. 

A couple of deer in Florida are very lucky after a beach rescue near St. Andrews State Park turned around their wrong-way swim.


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission posted photos on their Facebook page of a doe and her yearling fawn that ended running into the Gulf of Mexico and started swimming away from the shore. It’s not known exactly why the deer decided to go for a swim, but a kayaker spotted the wayward deer and was able to alert a FWC officer Major Bruce Cooper who happened to be on patrol in the area.

The news came to the officer at just the right moment. The animals were over 1,000 yards out and were getting tired when Cooper caught up with the deer still swimming out to sea. They had apparently become disoriented and couldn’t figure out the right way back to the shoreline.

Compounding their problems were waves of up to four feet high. Fortunately, Cooper was able to use the boat to guide the deer back in the right direction towards land. Both does arrived safely.


But they didn’t stick around to play on the beach or build a sandcastle, the FWC reports they quickly retreated to the safety of the state park. It was definitely their lucky day!



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Deer Swimming Out to Sea Rescued by Conservation Officer in Florida