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Canadian Natural Resources Continue Search for Deer Stuck in Bucket [VIDEO]

The Canadian Natural Resources organization is still searching for a young deer with a bucket stuck over its snout.

Diane Leonardo watches deer everyday out of her kitchen window, but on Sunday she was alarmed to see a deer with what looked like a bucket stuck on its head. Alarmed, Diane called the Canadian National Resources to come to her home, a small town an hour north of Montebello in Quebec, to attempt to free the deer.

Representatives from the government organization showed up and were able to see the deer with the bucket stuck on its head, and confirmed her concerns about it being unable to eat or drink in days.

“My heart fell to my feet, we have deer here all the time. It was a shock that you knew immediately he could not get it off himself”

The Canadian Natural Resources representatives tried to catch the deer by using a net but failed. They came back the next day with a tranquilizer gun and were able to dart the deer, but before they could remove the bucket the deer ran off into the woods behind Diane’s house. They searched for the deer late into the afternoon before it got dark, but the snow was too deep.

What is causing the problem and keeping the deer from flinging it off is that the handle of the bucket is stuck behind the deer’s ears. In the video below via CBC, Diane explains how she plans to cut off the handles of the other buckets near her property. The deer has come back to her house everyday, but he remains elusive.

The low temperatures and multiple days without food continue to worry Diane and her family. Officials with the CNR will continue to search for the deer, but have said that if they are unable to catch it to remove the bucket they will kill it, out of compassion.

Have you ever seen a deer in a predicament like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Canadian Natural Resources Continue Search for Deer Stuck in Bucket [VIDEO]