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Deer Strolls Into Bourbon Aisle in Virginia ABC Store

A deer enters a Virginia ABC store and stumbles upon the bourbon aisle. 

The Commonwealth of Virginia is for deer who love bourbon, apparently.

On February 17, 2016, a doe casually entered a Clifton Forge, Va. Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) store and made her way to the bourbon aisle.

Here's more from ABC's Facebook page as to what transpired:

Virginia ABC's oldest, continuously running store in Clifton Forge had a different sort of customer strolling the aisles recently...the doe reportedly pushed open the store door and headed straight for the bourbon aisle before being shown out the for a "We made it through hunting season" party?!

Here's more from their Twitter account:

The Clifton Forge ABC store is the oldest continuous ABC store in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alcohol is highly regulated by the state government.

Contrary to popular belief, Virginia is a wild and wonderful place. The Commonwealth has a vibrant deer hunting scene, so regular appearances by wildlife are quite common. In fact, the spike in Virginia's deer population has compelled state officials to encourage hunters to assist them in controlling it.

If you also live in Virginia, you cannot help but appreciate the frequent deer sightings here--even those near Washington, D.C.


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Deer Strolls Into Bourbon Aisle in Virginia ABC Store