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What is it with Deer and Soccer? [VIDEO]

More and more it seems that deer and soccer are becoming curiously intertwined. Pun intended!

This is at least the second video to come out in the last few months that is making a case for deer wanting to participate in high school soccer. Personally, I don't think they're making a very strong case for their adeptness at the game. At least not in the goalie position.

They can't seem to play the position without getting themselves tangled up in the net!

This time it was in Adams County, Wisconsin that local authorities were called to a school to free a frantic whitetail deer that had become entangled in a soccer net.

It's easy to chuckle about such incidents, but you'll notice that three law officers and A-F Elementary School staff worked together to cut the thrashing animal free.

Any wild animal can be a dangerous animal, especially when trapped and scared. These officials exercised sound judgement and good teamwork in working together to safely free the small buck.

Message to deer: stick with wrestling during the guys suck at soccer.

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What is it with Deer and Soccer? [VIDEO]