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Deer Shows Love to Police Officer Who Rescued Him

police officer deer rescue

This deer might have realized the trouble he was in. 

Some days stand out more than others when you’re a police officer. Normally, the days when you actually make an impact on somebody’s life are a shining example. In the case of a deer tied up in the backyard of a house under construction, this day will stand out for a long time for officer Kevin Zieschang of the Fulshear, Texas, Police.

Neighbors called the police recently because they noticed the deer tied up in a backyard and the terrible predicament it was in. When Zeischang responded to the call, he found a friendly deer waiting to be set free.

“I tried to spook him to get him to run back out into the woods, but he wasn’t having it. He wanted to hang out with us,” said Zieschang in an interview.  “He’s not scared at all!”

The neighborhood kids nicknamed the friendly deer “Hank.” The police also nicknamed himUncle Buck.

Since the above news report was aired, the game wardens with Texas Parks and Wildlife has since determined that Uncle Buck was too friendly for his own good and has become domesticated. It has been relocated to a safe place where human contact will be limited and predators are scarce.


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Deer Shows Love to Police Officer Who Rescued Him