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Deer Season is Upon Us and This 202-Inch Kentucky Monster is Proof [PICS]

Facebook/Whitetail Heaven Outfitters

If you haven’t started preparing for deer season, you may miss out on your best chance to harvest big bucks.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Buddy Deville, a Louisiana hunter on a bowhunting road trip to Kentucky.

On the fifth day of the Kentucky bow season, Buddy was lucky enough to arrow a giant 16-point buck that gross scored over 202 inches.

big bucks5 wos

Buddy was one of several hunters in camp that week with Whitetail Heaven Outfitters and his was just one of many big bucks taken in the early stage of the Kentucky season.

big bucks2 wos

In the first five days of the Kentucky season, Whitetail Heaven Outfitters’ clients have killed over a dozen big bucks, all scoring over 130 inches.

big bucks3 wos

Over the past decade, Kentucky has emerged as one of the premier states for harvesting big bucks thanks to their blend of agriculture, genetics, climate, and selective harvests by hunters.

The state was once a big buck hunter’s best kept secret, but a huge number of entries into the Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett record books have tipped off all but the dimmest of hunters to the big buck potential the Bluegrass State has to offer.

big bucks4 wos

Aside from herd management, habitat and climate factors, the early start date of the Kentucky bow season gives hunters a chance to capitalize on a deer’s early season feeding pattern, a proven strategy for taking mature big bucks. It also gives hunters a great chance of killing a buck still sporting his velvet.

big bucks6

If the photos of these lucky hunters and their big bucks don’t get you fired up for deer season, maybe you should consider investing in a new armchair and starting your own fantasy football league.

More bow seasons are starting across the country, and where I’m at, in Pennsylvania, it starts October 3. I’ll be ready when it gets here.

All images via Facebook/Whitetail Heaven Outfitters

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Deer Season is Upon Us and This 202-Inch Kentucky Monster is Proof [PICS]