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What To Do When Deer Season is Still Months Away

Here are some ideas to help get you through the long summer and closer to deer season.

As the season for deer hunting slowly approaches a number of enthusiasts find themselves getting a little stir crazy, impatient to get out to their favorite plot of land and see if they can successfully shoot a buck or fill their tags.

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Depending upon the state and location there are several ways a hunter can utilize the time building up to the official start of the season.

  • Set trail cameras, being careful not to create unwanted pressure and scare off a prize buck.
  • Explore new locations in your area, or plan to visit a different state, region or even country for added challenge and adventure.
  • Practice shooting on three dimensional targets for better accuracy.
  • Participate or attend outdoor competitions. This is a great way to hone skills and learn new techniques. The competitions often cover a wide range of skill sets such as tracking, shooting, calling and more.
  • Network with fellow hunters and exchange information about locations, weapons, skills, and regulations. Maybe even plan a regular get together, so your group of deer hunting enthusiasts can get their fix by just being around like-minded folks.
  • Set up, or repair, your treestand, blind, boat or any other large accessory to your hunting objectives.
  • Pull all the season’s equipment out and perform a thorough inspection. Repair what you can, and consider replacing what you can’t.

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The thrill of deer hunting can easily be diminished if caught off-guard and unprepared. Use the energy and excitement building up to the season to learn the best spots as well as the newest techniques and equipment.

What other ways to you occupy your time in the off season? Leave your thoughts below.

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What To Do When Deer Season is Still Months Away