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Why Deer Season is the Best Season

Deer season is almost upon us, and you can feel the anticipation.

The feeling is immense after a long shivering sit awaiting the ultimate reward. The trophy is waiting somewhere, anywhere. Have you set yourself up for most prestigious reward for this time of year, or are you about to take home a handful of disappointment? Whichever be your fortune, both conclusions will keep you coming back for more.

It comes once a year, and for some it is a lifestyle, for others an escape, but it is only one thing to everyone that partakes in this yearly ritual, a passion.

As the cold air penetrates weary adjusting lungs, the warm air emerges from the mouth that seems to be coming from a midnight coal train passing through the hills in December with an unknown destination. His heart beats with the vibrations of the frozen ground giving way beneath his feet. He is focused, eternally entranced by the feeling of this one-time-a-year event.

He’s making his way to the ultimate trophy he has been scouting for so long. This time the hard work and determination will hopefully pay off in a puff of smoke from the burning powder as the bullet leaves the rifle toward the reward of the year.

Big game in general will give any hunter the rush he searches for, particularly deer hunting, given the variance of the size and score of the deer and most of all the most wanted kill, the big one that seems to have a rocking chair resting upon his massive head. Deer season stands alone amongst the rest with a hard earned reward that is difficult and trying from beginning to end, even after the thrill of the kill and the satisfaction of taking down the monster is over, there is still more to be earned.

The effort of dragging the animal out of the woods back to the homestead is an amazing feat in itself, bringing the feeling of success over any ambiguous hunter who has pushed himself to the very limit of exhaustion and the acceptance of defeat but eventually persevered to gain peace of mind with that one last breath as you stand looking at the immense feat that he/she has accomplished.

As the year nears its end, it is slowly trudging toward the season that has built up anxiety, adrenaline, and personal satisfaction in every deer hunter’s soul. This season is not only a season to present new skills and equipment, but to bring home the reward of a lifetime, the big one we all long to see on the wall every evening as we rest our souls in the comfort of our home sweet homes.

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The possibilities and challenges of this season are seemingly limitless, given the amount of variation one can choose upon in each phase of deer season. That said, there is muzzleloading season, rifle season, and archery season, youth season and sometimes more. With the excitement of changing from one realm to another there is no room for someone to get bored with any of the circumstances, but also no room for error.

An amazing animal with an amazing sense of survival reminds hunters that they must give the utmost respect and the utmost sincerity to the elements that the deer is comfortable with. Giving the animal the advantage, his keen senses, survival instincts, and stealth make it a sure prize to be won, and at the end of the day some will win and some will lose, but that is what keeps the true hunter coming back every year to finally take what he has earned.

Many would argue about which season is the best of all, but for those that believe it’s deer season, it is more of a way of life than a cork to fit in the hole in our lives we call boredom.

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Why Deer Season is the Best Season