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Deer Records Harvested in the 2013-14 Season

What deer records came out of the most recent season?

Deer hunting seasons have closed, for the most part, and 2013’s season is now on the books.

But while we all glance forward longingly at the autumn of 2014, when we will once more be permitted to hit the woods and bag some great big bucks, we can also take a moment to admire some of the biggest accomplishments of the 2013 deer hunting season.

Another Record Broken Last Year...

Another Record Broken Last Year...It’s Official: World Record Moose Confirmed

Whether you had a great season or a terribly disappointing one, there’s something inspiring in reading about the hunters who broke records this year. Here are just a few of the season’s biggest winners.

Kansas hunter scores 300-inch buck: Non-typical bucks that measure at or over 300 inches in length are incredibly rare, which makes this achievement out of the state of Kansas one especially worth remarking upon. After the buck was bagged in late September, it was measured unofficially as a 312 1/8 inch behemoth. If that score stands, it will not only be the biggest non-typical male ever taken in Kansas – the current “official” record was notched in 1980, with a 280 4/8 inch measurement – but one of the biggest in history. Even better, the hunter who killed the deer had been chasing it for years. How’s that for a notable 2013 deer season accomplishment?

Indiana finds its own 300-incher: Not to be outdone by Kansas, a hunter named Tim Beck landed a 305 7/8 inch non-typical buck in Indiana during the 2013 season. That particular buck has actually been confirmed as a record holder and has now brought Indiana into historic territory with Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa as the only states with an official 300-inch non-typical buck on the books.

Louisiana typical buck record broken…twice: Leading up to this hunting season, the record for a typical buck in Louisiana was 184 6/8 inches and had stood resolutely for 70 years. If their original scores are confirmed, then 2013 will have seen not one, but two bucks surpassing that record. Both bucks measured over 200 inches in length, one at 223 inches and the other at 211, and each of them were very respectable kills.

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A fruitful season in Kentucky: Record-breaking deer kills may be a great inspiration for hunters who want to find themselves in the national news, but for those of us who just want to find the best places to hunt, those records indicate luck for a single individual more than they show an area’s quotient for producing huge numbers of deer. With that in mind, we decided to include Kentucky’s “unprecedented” state deer haul – approximately 140,000 harvests – as a sign of that state’s growing notability as a capital of whitetail hunting. That number is up six percent from last year, and is especially good to see given what was an uncharacteristically slow year for many states, especially in the Midwest.

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Deer Records Harvested in the 2013-14 Season