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How Are Deer Really Affected by Lunar Phases? [VIDEO]

lunar phases

This video may change the way you look at lunar phases as it relates to deer movement

Marcus Lashley, a researcher from North Carolina State University, explains to the Quality Deer Management Association the results of research into deer movements using GPS collars.

The results may surprise you.

Interesting stuff, especially the very specific ways lunar phases dictated morning or evening movement.

I've always thought about how lunar phases might affect deer movements in the morning and evening, during peak hunting times. I never really took into consideration what it might do to deer movement throughout the midday or into the night.

It's also surprising to learn night activity decreased during a full moon. You would think the deer would prefer that phase for spotting night predators.

I've heard the stuff about the quarter moon being best before, but it was interesting to learn that the last quarter specifically is best. I was always told the quarters were great no matter if it was first or last.

It's definitely something to keep in mind as we close in on the 2015 seasons!

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How Are Deer Really Affected by Lunar Phases? [VIDEO]