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Is This Wild Deer Playing 'Simon Says' Through a Window?

Deer are funny little creatures. While managing to evade hunters, they do come out to play during the off season. 

Almost every week, there's another video about an interaction between a deer and a human that's just too weird to pass by.

Add this video to that grouping as this woman and a deer are playing "Simon Says" from across the yard.

As the woman stamps her foot, the wild deer copies her. She moves forward an inch, and the deer follows suit. Can you believe how this deer is acting?

The video was taken in Long Island, NY at an environmental education facility. You have to wonder if the deer has been fed by the facility a time or two to make it so comfortable with hanging out in plain sight.

Either way, this deer is pretty good at "Simon Says". Have you had an interesting encounter with a deer lately? Let us know on Facebook!


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Is This Wild Deer Playing 'Simon Says' Through a Window?