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Deer Play is Adorable, Dog Couldn't Care Less [VIDEO]

When deer play, the result is adorable. If only this golden retriever would stop working. 

According to the dog owner in his YouTube video description, this golden retriever plays with this deer every time they go out for a walk.

He is a spritely little fella, doing his darndest to get the old golden to just play with him.

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Does the deer think it's a dog? Does it think the dog is a deer? Does the dog give any ounce of notice?

That old golden reminds me of Shadow from Homeward Bound. He is just a little too busy dragging giant rocks from the pond to be fooling around with that youngster.

Paired with some great sound effects and background music, this deer play is pretty adorable to watch.

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Deer Play is Adorable, Dog Couldn't Care Less [VIDEO]