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Deer Feast on Industrial Hemp Crop in Oregon, Destroy 96% of the Plants


Oregon deer go to great lengths to devour hemp crops.

Some deer got late night munchies at a Southern Oregon Industrial Hemp farm, as they maneuvered around barbed-wire fencing a few weeks ago and ate 96% of a hemp crop.

Cliff Thomason, the real estate agent who is the steward of the first industrial hemp crop in Oregon said, "Generally, I don't think they like cannabis. They like ours, though."  The plantation was located near the town of Murphy.

The company planted approximately 1,000 plants in the section the deer got into. However, only about 40 remain due to the feasting deer.

Agricultural field of industrial hemp
Huffington Post

Industrial hemp has a low level of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. Kit Doyle, who is also involved in the farm, believed that the high levels of protein were what likely enticed the deer to binge of the hemp crop. Hopefully, the protein will at least help them grow big antlers for the fall.

Only some the crop were protected by the very tall fencing needed to deter hungry deer. Doyle left some of the crops vulnerable because of the uncertainty surrounding the program and the need to plant quickly.

"We wanted to hurry and get in the ground and we didn't want to spend a lot of money," Doyle said. "Next year, if we decide to grow in the same place, we will have the necessary infrastructure."

Is hemp the future of food plots? The new super plant to grow big bucks? Probably not, but it is certain that deer will devour a hemp crop if given the opportunity.

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Deer Feast on Industrial Hemp Crop in Oregon, Destroy 96% of the Plants