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Deer Are Never Easy to Predict [VIDEO]

easy to predict

Some things are easy to predict, deer are not one of those things.

While driving on a Montana road, a man sees a herd of deer standing in a field and decides that he is going to capture some video of the herd jumping the fence.

But these deer are not quite that easy to predict. Take a look and see what happened.


Just a fun little reminder of how deer and all game animals are not very easy to predict. It can be something as simple as jumping the fence or going under it; or it can be much more complex and time consuming.

After months of scouting; studying deer movement, eating patterns, and daily habits, a deer can just as suddenly change its habits completely, making an easy-to-predict hunt impossible.

But instead of it being a hardship, I prefer to think of it as one of the things that set hunters apart from others. Anyone could go harvest an animal if they were easy to predict. Putting in the time and effort are what makes it hunting.

I think I prefer animals that are not easy to predict as opposed to an easy kill; the difficult hunts make for better stories.

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Deer Are Never Easy to Predict [VIDEO]