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Deer Breaks into Michigan Home, Causes Frantic Chaos

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This six point buck created a huge mess after jumping through front window.

A woman in Mt. Clemons, Michigan couldn’t believe what she was hearing when her daughter called to say there was a deer in her house. It took police and animal control over two hours to remove the wayward animal.

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The deer ended up trashing several rooms, most notably a bedroom they managed to lock the animal in. Blood was smeared all over the walls from the animal’s frantic attempts to escape. When the buck went after Nicole Gietzen’s daughter Taylor, she just barely had time to get out of the way.

“It charges after me, so I kind of jump back on my bed and it just started coming after me,” Taylor told reporters.

Finally, the deer was tranquilized and removed by animal control after two hours inside. No info on the deer’s status, but at least no one was hurt in this odd incident.

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Deer Breaks into Michigan Home, Causes Frantic Chaos