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It's a Bad Day When a Deer Knocks You Off Your Bike [VIDEO]

When a deer knocks you off your bike, you know you are having a bad day.

The hills of San Francisco are a dangerous place to be biking. Not only are the hills notoriously steep, but the Bay Area is home to lots of wildlife. Deer are seen in many neighborhoods around the bay, including Sausalito, where this happened.

The biker is wearing a GoPro on his handlebars and it captures this surprising moment.

This is when you know you're having a bad day.

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Five seconds in, we are told that the guy's Giro hemet saved his life.

That looked like it really hurt, judging that the guy doesn't move for a while.

When a deer side swipes you while riding your bike, you know it's a bad day.

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It's a Bad Day When a Deer Knocks You Off Your Bike [VIDEO]