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Deer Jumps into Pittsburgh Zoo’s Polar Bear Tank [VIDEO]

Did this deer think it was back at Santa’s house at the North Pole when it jumped into the polar bear tank?

Two polar bears playing in a Pittsburgh Zoo pool were treated to a holiday surprise when a deer leaped over an eight-foot fence into the water of the polar bear tank. The bears saw the deer as more of a plaything than a meal, and chased the deer around the pool, above and under the water.

The deer wasn’t taking any chances, though, and fought the bears hoof and antler.

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Alas, although the polar bears didn’t harm the deer, the leap into the tank and the struggle proved to be too much, and zoo officials were forced to euthanize the deer.

At least it gave the captive polar bears some unexpected excitement!

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Deer Jumps into Pittsburgh Zoo’s Polar Bear Tank [VIDEO]