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Deer Jumps Into Cheetah Pit At Zoo

A whitetail deer made the mistake of jumping into a cheetah pit at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

We weren't surprised to learn that the cheetahs ate the deer.

At 11:40 p.m., zookeepers went to investigate the cheetah enclosure after hearing a commotion, and found the mauled carcass of the deer. There is no video or photo of the reported incident.

Zookeepers believe the deer had wandered into the National Zoo from the Rock Creek Park, a forested area adjacent to the zoo.

The Washington Post reported that the incident on Friday was one of a number of violent deer deaths in the Washington, D.C. area within the last month.

The Humane Society found a deer with a severe arrow wound wandering the downtown area of Washington, D.C.

This wasn't the first time a deer from Rock Creek Park has made the mistake of jumping into a carnivorous cat den at the National Zoo.

In 2009, a deer jumped into the lion's den at the zoo while visitors were at the park. Patrons got an up close and personal view of a hungry lion chomping down an easy dinner. Here's some video from the 2009 incident:

Reports of deer wandering into the wrong place at the wrong time are showing up more and more on our radar.

Last week, we reported on a deer that wandered into Dick's Sporting Goods in Pennsylvania.

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Deer Jumps Into Cheetah Pit At Zoo