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Wild Deer Join Man For Breakfast in Colorado

As adorable as it may seem to be, we’re not fans of feeding wild animals. It messes up the ecosystem, can cause animals to become dependent on humans for food, and overall can be very dangerous. Now that we’ve established we’re not encouraging this behavior, why not at least enjoy this awesomely up-close video of nature’s creatures?

Matthew Lee Chegwidden is a resident of Divide, Colorado, and it seems he is also somewhat of a Dr. Doolittle. When he’s not feeding deer he appears to also have a friendly fox who stops by for the occasional hot dog snack, as well as a mother bear and her cubs. The fact that Chegwidden has this many deer around his property probably means that the development encroached on some land that the deer had previously occupied.

As always, we’re just visitors in nature, so dealing with the fallout from that is different for each of us. For Matthew, he’s chosen the path of least resistance by giving the animals what they desire: snacks.

Have you ever hand-fed a wild animal? Would you do it again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Wild Deer Join Man For Breakfast in Colorado