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10 Interesting Photos of Deer in Strange Places

Deer are smart, in a way. But how did these deer end up in these strange places?

Deer evade hunters all the time. They can be smart…sometimes. Other times they get themselves in predicaments that are mind-boggling. That is why they need to be rescued so often. But they are still animals and animals react on instinct, which got these deer in some pretty strange places.

Check out the photos below to see deer in odd places. How they got there is a mystery. 

Deer on a Telephone Pole


This deer was probably dropped by an eagle. But what would you do if you looked up a telephone pole and a deer was on top?

Deer in a Python

Daily Mail UK

This deer was cut out of a python in Florida back in 2011. This is probably the strangest place to find a deer.

Deer in a Fence

Lewistown Sentinal

He thought he could make it.

Really Stuck Deer


I can’t even imagine how he got in this pickle.

City Deer

Time Military

This guy just wanted to take the bus downtown.

Deer on a Roof


Maybe the best needles are at the top of the tree.

Deer on a Boat


Not normally where you find deer. Where are their life jackets?

Surfing Deer


Deer in the water. This is why they need to be rescued so often.

Deer Motel Crash in Wisconsin

Time Military

Having an after party in his hotel room.

Deer (skeleton) in a Tree

Michigan Sportsman

This guy wasn’t rescued in time. I wonder how he got up there in the first place?

Liked those photos?

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10 Interesting Photos of Deer in Strange Places