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Deer In Dick’s Sporting Goods Stuns Onlookers

Customers who saw a deer in Dick’s Sporting Goods in Reading, Pennsylvania were surprised to see the creature wandering the aisles.

WFMZ reported that the deer walked in through the store’s front entrance on Thursday afternoon. Customers who were doing their post-Christmas shopping were surprised to say the least.

“The scene was chaotic,” area resident Eric Shemanski told WFMZ. “Everyone had their phones out taking pictures.”

Amid the chaos, the excited deer slipped on the floor. Nearby customers rushed into to tackle and restrain the animal.

Pennsylvania game officials arrived on the scene and took the deer. No word yet on whether it was released or not.

Check out this video of a fearless fawn licking a hunter’s gun.

These days it’s not surprising to hear about deer wandering into homes, stores and other public places. A recent feature story in Time magazine described how wild game animals are more overpopulated now than they have been in the last 100 years.

Reports of deer in stores are not uncommon. Last November, a deer tore through a frozen yogurt shop in New Jersey after seeing its own reflection in the window.

What is surprising, and somewhat ironic, is that the deer in Dick’s Sporting Goods didn’t seem to care that it was in the very same store where hunters often buy rifles, ammo and equipment for hunting.

Check out the video from WFMZ:

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Deer In Dick’s Sporting Goods Stuns Onlookers