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Here's Another Deer in a Fence [VIDEO]

Watch yet another incredible video of a deer caught in a fence.

The quick thinking and always-present smartphone camera of this Attleboro, Massachusetts family made for this great video of a whitetail with its legs caught in a white picket fence, as reported by

The Kelley family was able to free the deer and it took off, seemingly uninjured for the most part. It certainly did seem worked up though, for good reason.

Check out the video:

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This is the latest in a number of wildlife-caught-in-fence videos we've published in recent weeks. A moose got caught in a barb wire fence, and last week we shared video of a deer that got stuck in a tree swing. We're wondering what could be contributing to the trend.

It could have something to do with the early spring and warmer weather leading deer to "snap out of it," in a sense, and move around a bit more than previous months. They're likely after food and that's naturally bringing them closer to residential neighborhoods. Of course, the methodology behind sharing videos like these with local news stations and the viral nature of what makes things newsworthy these days is sure to be a factor as well.

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Either way, we get to find it online and share it with you.

What do you think is behind the growing number of deer and fence videos circulating? Leave your ideas below.


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Here's Another Deer in a Fence [VIDEO]