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Deer Hunting November 2-5, the High Anticipation Phase


The Drurys break down the phases of the deer hunting season. Phase 5 kicks off on November 2-5: listen in to learn how to approach hunting in this time period.

Sweet November is here! The big buck killing month has begun and you need to be in a tree. The air is filled with high anticipation and the rut is oh so close.

According to the Drury's, this phase seems to be hit or miss. They have had years where it is unreal, and other years where it is similar to a November lull.

With a few does coming in, mature bucks can be found. Listen as they explain what they think is going on.

Sandwiched between their two most successful phases, phase 5 is a hard cookie to crumble. With that being said, it is November and anything can happen. Once the calendar flips to November, you better be finding a tree to get in.

Mark Drury likes to throw around the term pre-tending for this phase. With double meaning, he believes the bucks pretend that does are coming in and start to be active as well as pre-tending the does that they think will be coming in first.

Somewhat of a mystery phase, but you better bet they are still in the woods. And so should you!

I mean, it's November.

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Deer Hunting November 2-5, the High Anticipation Phase