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Deer Hunting Gear You Never Knew Existed

Have you used any of this deer hunting gear? If not, now’s the time to check it out.


The deer hunting industry is strong and productive, reflected by the huge amount of new gear getting sold each season to more and more hunters.

Sometimes technology and product develop moves faster than we can keep up, so we took it upon ourselves to alert you to some killer deer hunting gear from Sportsman’s Guide that you might not even know was available.

Check out our picks highlighting some of the best of the best when it comes to new gear for whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, and more.

Here are some of the best deer hunting gear that you may not even know existed.

Tree Stand Up™ Assist

Putting up a ladder stand can be a pain, but these little mechanisms make the job a whole lot smoother, not to mention safer.

The Tree Stand Up Assist essentially serves as a stake for your stand’s legs, and allows for an easy on, easy off process.

Tree Stand Buddy

Speaking of tree stands, the Tree Stand Buddy  creates a “male” and “female” attachment system for hanging stands, and allows you to quickly and easy switch locations with as little effort as possible.

The mounts actually attach to a tree better and more permanently than a typical stand on its own, so this is a win-win.

Wildgame Innovations® Trail Pad™ Media Viewer

Bringing trail cam tech into the 21st Century, the Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad Media Viewer gives you more access to photos and videos of deer activity, and brings it straight to you.

No more hiking to multiple camera locations to collect memory cards, or time devoted to sifting through lots of data once you’re in front of a computer. Do it on the go and wirelessly.

ATN® 5-18® 5-18x Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

The ATN 5-18x Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope use amazing advancements in low-light HD digital sensor technology to produce a powerful, and most attractive, reasonably-priced night vision scope.

Useful even in full daylight, the scope can be ideal for those early morning or late dusk shots, often some of the best opportunities.

Leupold® RX®-1200i TBR® Laser Rangefinder

Determining the correct range of a shot on deer is ever so important, especially with firearm and ammo technology increasing our distances for us.

Look to the Leupold RX-1200i TBR Laser Rangefinder, as it uses sophisticated Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) that works at double the speed of older rangefinders, and is perfectly accurate to within less than a yard.

Under Armour® Scent Control Jacket

The more we learn about a deer ‘s sense of smell, the more capabilities scent control products begin to have. Take the Under Armour Scent Control Jacket for example, with its “zeolites,” which use pure antimicrobial silver to block odor.

You don’t have to worry about masking your scent when you don’t have any scent emitting in the first place.

Under Armour® ColdGear® Scent-control Balaclava

Add that same scent blocking technology to your head with the Under Armour ColdGear Scent-control Balaclava and don’t stress out when the temperatures drop.

Imagine an odor blocker as strong as carbon, but longer lasting by about ten times. That’s what you get with Under Armour’s scent control line.

Scent Killer® Gold® 12-oz. Spray Bottle & 32-oz. Filler Bottle Clothing Spray

One last scent control item, if you’re not concerned with getting brand new clothing, is the Scent Killer Gold spray, a truly effective body, clothing and equipment odor eliminator.

Hunt Dry® technology from Scent Killer works on gear that’s wet or dry, and can be applied days in advance for the ultimate scent prep.

Knight & Hale® Da Bonehead Rattling Call

Everybody knows an antler rattle can bring in the big boys, but the necessity to carry racks into the woods, break them out when the opportunity arrives, and use them correctly still lingers.

Solve the problem with a Knight & Hale Da Bonehead Rattling Call, and simplify the process. 

Primos® The Great Big Can®

There’s more in the noise department; a Primos The Great Big Can might be your ticket to the trophy you’re after.

This little, easily-packed device lets out a long distance estrous bleat for all stages of the rut, letting the bucks in the area know that someone is ready to mate. That someone is actually you, and by “mate” we mean take a shot, but the bucks won’t know that.

Flextone® Buck Crusher Call

The three-in-one Flextone Buck Crusher Call adds a buck grunt, an estrus bleat and a “snort wheeze” to your audible arsenal, and might just be the last deer call device you’ll ever need.

Men’s Guide Gear® Waterproof Snake Boots, Brown / Mossy Oak Break-Up®

Though they might not exactly help you target and shoot a whitetail, the Guide Gear Waterproof Snake Boots in Mossy Oak Break-Up brings the ultimate snake proof boot into a more reasonable price range. No one wants a snakebite to end a hunting season early, and these boots will do more than just protect you from fangs.

They’ll keep your feet happy no matter how often you’re on them, that’s for sure.

Men’s Bushnell® Stalk Mid Boots, Brown / Realtree AP®

One more boot offering is the Bushnell Stalk Mid Boots, which strip down the essentials expected from a hunting boot and put them in a nice convenient package.

Odor elimination, waterproof technology and lots of comfort make these an easy choice.

Trophy Master® Change-A-Blade Kit

Finally, though you see new-fangled knives just about daily in the hunting world, the Trophy Master Change-A-Blade Kit makes the most of its technology and gives you just about everything you need in a deer hunting knife.

Field dressing is a cinch if you’re using one of these, and the durability and high-resolution colors are icing on the cake.

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