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Deer Hunting Challenge: Hunt Without Bait

hunt without bait

Every deer hunter should set a challenge for themselves this season. If you are still looking for one, try to hunt without bait.

Before the start of every season, it is good practice for each and every hunter to sit down and really think about what they want to get out of the season. We all hunt for our own reasons, but I believe it is important to know what we are actually working towards.

Another thing I believe everyone should do is to set a challenge for themselves; whatever you personally want to achieve for the season.

For many who have spent their whole lives hunting over bait, I challenge you to try to hunt without bait this season.

hunter walking with gun on the forest road

For some of you, this is no challenge because in many states it is illegal to hunt over bait, but for others, this may be all you’ve ever known. Whether it is corn, sweet potatoes, mineral licks, or any other kind of bait to attract deer, try to go without it this season.

Not only will you find that it will save you the money of paying for those products, but the challenge of harvesting a deer without the aid will improve every aspect of your hunting and will be a very rewarding experience.

What other things can you challenge yourself to do this deer season? Let me know on Twitter with #DeerHuntingChallenge.

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Deer Hunting Challenge: Hunt Without Bait