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Deer Hunting in Ann Arbor Could Be Happening Soon

Local Michigan lawmakers are ready to allow deer hunting in Ann Arbor.

With an in-depth report from MLiveit's become obvious that Ann Arbor, Michigan has a deer problem.

That problem could likely be leading towards a legal hunting season within the city. Bowhunting is the likeliest form to begin with. A decision for deer population control solutions will need to be made by July, and will be headed by a city administrator devoted to the issue.

"We have to face the fact that we are going to be culling the herd," said Council Member Stephen Kunselman in the MLive piece. "And the best way to cull the herd is with bow and arrow, with hunters up in tree stands pointing down so that arrows don't go off far away in the distances and cause any fear."

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The trouble is, coming up with a deer management plan that everyone can get behind has proven difficult for some local governments and wildlife agencies.

Other suburban and even metropolitan areas have resorted to similar decision making, and while some have allowed for more hunters to take some care of the situation, others have gone more expensive routes.

One way or another, deer populations will need to be maintained if there's any hope for their future.

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Deer Hunting in Ann Arbor Could Be Happening Soon