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Deer Hunting Accident Leaves Man Paralyzed

Images via WKRN

A major deer hunting accident doesn’t take a life, but impacts one greatly.

20-year-old Seth Mangrum was asleep in a deer stand before falling some 15 feet to the ground in a hunting accident. Devastatingly enough for the College Grove, TN man, he is now paralyzed, according to WKRN.

According to Seth’s friends and family members, there was no safety harness being utilized at the time of his accident.

Seth is an avid deer hunter and has been for the majority of his life. Now he is fighting the odds while his friends and family wonder if he will be able to walk again.


It was Seth’s friends who responded to the accident by placing him on a door and carried him out of the woods following his fall. They feared that emergency personnel would never be able to reach Seth otherwise.

At this time, it is expected that the hunter will spend approximately 12-18 months at a rehab center in Atlanta, GA after an 8-hour surgery to repair vertebrae. Anyone who wishes to make a donation towards Seth’s medical costs can do so online here.

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Deer Hunting Accident Leaves Man Paralyzed