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Deer Hunter’s Stocking Stuffers

Need ideas for a deer hunter’s stocking stuffers?

Forget the Christmas tree for a minute: sometimes, filling your loved one’s stockings can actually be the hardest part of holiday shopping. Sure, you can just go with socks and underwear, maybe a pocket-sized book or a CD or two. After all, stockings are usually only a prelude to the serious gift giving that happens underneath the Christmas tree. However, if you want to cram your loved one’s stocking with some real knock-out gifts this year, and if your loved one just so happens to be an obsessive deer hunter, then we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about this year’s best hunting-related stocking stuffer ideas.

Portable Phone Charger: Hours spent in the treestand can get pretty lonely, and sometimes, the best way to kill time in between deer sightings is to play a few games of Tetris on your cellphone. Unfortunately, phones don’t have limitless battery, and you can’t afford to kill your charge on games when you might end up needing it for an emergency later on.

The solution to this conundrum is the Eton FRX3 ($59.99), an all-in-one device designed to put a slew of technological innovations at an outdoorsman’s fingertips. The Eton not only includes a USB phone charger, but it also gives you an AM, FM, and NOAA weather alert radio and a LED flashlight, all in a small and portable package. Best of all, the device is entirely powered by either solar power or by a hand turbine – so that you can have phone power whenever and wherever you need it.

eltonPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Skinning Knife: A great knife for field dressing, such as the Havalon Piranta Edge Skinning Knife ($39.99) can be terrific way to keep things simple with the stocking stuffer, but to also deliver a very well-made and highly practical gift. Not all deer hunters like to do their own skinning and field dressing, but for those who do, this knife – with its interchangeable blades – is a must-own.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 4.47.18 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Wind Indicator: Successful deer hunters know just how much wind speed and direction can change their game for hunting. From adjusting your shot to account for the wind to approaching your treestand from a different direction so that the wind doesn’t carry your scent directly to the deer you are trying to hunt, wind can be a hunter’s best friend or fiercest adversary.

With that in mind, a wind indicator is a great piece of hunting equipment that a lot of hunters don’t often think to buy for themselves, but which can make their lives almost infinitely easier. Luckily, when it comes to wind indicators, you have a number of options to choose from depending on what your gift giving price range is.

The Pro’s Wind Gauge ($14.99), for instance, is like smoke in a bottle, and is one of the lower tech ways to get a reading on wind direction. More precise directional and speed readings can be derived with state of the art, higher priced devices such as the Caldwell Wind Wizard ($34.99) and the Celestron WindGuide Plus Anemometer ($79.99), which use small wind turbines to get accurate digital read-outs.

wind gaugePhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

caldwellPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

celestronPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

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Deer Hunter’s Stocking Stuffers