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Deer Hunter Catches Two Monster Elk in Epic Battle [VIDEO]

An epic battle between two 6-point bull elk was caught on tape by a deer hunter in Utah.

You know what they say, it never hurts to be prepared. That age-old saying is probably what was running through Jeremiah Moseley's mind as he captured this impressive up-close video of two bull elk going at it during the rut.

From the video's owner:

Sorry for the delay on my responses. These are Rocky Mountain Elk. I got this shot while hunting near Strawberry Reservoir in Utah on the 2013 General Muzzleloader deer hunt. There are so many elk around that area. Needless to say, If I would have had an elk tag, I would have had my hands full for sure. Such a great experience.

Check out the video to see the action for yourself. Warning: Mild language used at end of video.

All we have to say is: WOW, just wow. Can you imagine being this close to such gorgeous elk and having to walk away! What an experience.

Regardless of the outcome, we're grateful that Moseley was brave enough to stick around for the epic fight. There's nothing better than getting that close to the beasts we all prize so much.

Have you ever gotten this close to an elk fight before? How about deer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Deer Hunter Catches Two Monster Elk in Epic Battle [VIDEO]