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Deer Hit by Car Walks into New York Emergency Room

A deer was hit by a car yesterday in Rochester, New York and, injured and bleeding, walked into the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

 Staff at a hospital in Rochester, New York had an interesting start to the week. A deer, seemingly injured in a car accident, walked into Strong Memorial Hospital's emergency section late Monday, Oct. 26.

It wandered the halls and made it 20 feet down a corridor in the emergency room before hospital officials corralled it. Luckily there were two Monroe County sheriff deputies at the hospital when the deer walked in through the automatic doors.

The officers subdued the animal and strapped it to a gurney to wheel out to the parking lot.

Although the deer may have been looking for medical aid, there was nothing the hospital could do and one of the deputies put the deer down.

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Deer Hit by Car Walks into New York Emergency Room