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Deer Gets on Stage at Signature Theatre in Virginia [PICS]

deer signature theatre
Twitter-Signature Theatre

A whitetail deer managed to enter the Signature Theatre in Virginia and get on stage at one point.

Apparently, a curious whitetail deer wanted to see a performance at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia yesterday, July 28. The deer gained entrance to the theater by jumping onto a loading dock and walking through an open door at the rear of the building.

The deer then wandered around the Signature Theatre for an unknown amount of time before it found its way to the stage, where it caused a brief panic among workers who were building the set for an upcoming production.

Fortunately, employees at the Signature Theatre were able to shoo the deer out of the building and nobody (including the deer) was hurt during the encounter.

However, I think that they may have lost a potential customer for the future, as I doubt that the deer will be coming back to see any future productions.

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Deer Gets on Stage at Signature Theatre in Virginia [PICS]