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Deer Fights off Coyote Attack on Frozen Maine River

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The 'stand your ground' law doesn't just apply to people: clearly, this deer felt the same way during this ruthless coyote attack.

In the picturesque section of Allagash, Maine where two rivers meet, stood a ruthless coyote that was looking to make an easy winter meal of a lone female deer this past week.

After pushing the doe onto the middle of the frozen river, it looked like this coyote attack wasn't going to end well for this deer. With ice under her hooves and a snarling coyote coming her way, it was do or die.

What happens next is definitely not what this coyote had in mind.

Unfortunately, a coyote attack like this one is all part of nature. Though it is always nice to see that it's not a one-sided battle out there in the wilderness. Clearly, this doe stood her ground and frustrated this coyote for long enough to where they just had no choice but to give up and walk away.

Better luck next time coyote, not really.



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Deer Fights off Coyote Attack on Frozen Maine River