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Awesome Deer Fight in Austin Business Park [VIDEO]

Employees at an Austin, Texas business park witness a deer fight just feet from their window.

We have all had days at work than are less exciting than others. But on October 13th, 2014 employees at an Austin, Texas business park got quite the show when two bucks decided to have a knock-down-drag-out just feet from, and at times in, the parking lot.

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While light sparring between whitetail bucks can occur throughout the year, these bucks are doing much more than light sparring.

When bucks are seeking to establish dominance over a certain area, it generally signifies that the rut is almost here (or could already be in full swing), and fights like this tend to occur. Real fights, such as this one, are extremely violent and can often lead to injury, or even death, of one or both deer.

Maybe it’s time to bring the rattling antlers to the office?

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Awesome Deer Fight in Austin Business Park [VIDEO]