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Deer Family Frolics Casually Through Washington D.C.

Laurie Trayers / Twitter

There's more than just politicians goofing around Washington D.C., like this family of whitetail deer enjoying the recent blizzard snow.

Laurie Trayers has probably seen her fair share of odd things in our nation's capitol, but this one has to be an outlier. After being pummeled by a historic snowfall, not much in the area is normal, though.

So when Laurie noticed the woodland visitors, she began recording and captured this.

Frolicking or looking for food? It's hard to tell, but their presence has captured the attention of the social media world.

Those of us who keep tabs on deer movement and populations know how rare cosmopolitan deer really are, and how they continue to encroach beyond suburbia and into urban areas. So this video isn't entirely shocking, rather fun to watch them bound past cars on a side street.

Maybe they developed a taste for bacon and heard that the food trucks freely hand out pork in D.C.?

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Deer Family Frolics Casually Through Washington D.C.