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Deer Exclosure Fencing Can Be the Key to Food Plot Success

If you are planting a food plot in an area with high deer density, deer exclosure fencing will help you make the most of it.

Deer exclosure fencing is simply an electric fence placed around your food plot to keep deer out until you let them in. It works great when you are trying to plant a highly palatable crop like soybeans in a small food plot.

Without deer exclosure fencing, the deer will eat the beans as they sprout and totally wipe out the plot. However, if you can keep deer out of your bean plot until the beans are more mature, it can be a real killer.

Watch the video to learn how to install deer exclosure fencing and decide if it's the right solution to your food plot problems.

There you have it. Set up your fencing, then remove it when you're ready for the deer to come into the buffet you've created for them.

To make your deer exclosure fencing even more effective in helping you kill deer, you can lower just the section of fence where you want the deer to enter and give you a shot opportunity, creating a funnel into the food source.


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Deer Exclosure Fencing Can Be the Key to Food Plot Success