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Deer Entangles its Antlers in Yarn, Sports Creative Hat [VIDEO]

This deer should be grateful it’s the end of hunting season, because his yarn-covered antlers make him hard to miss.

This young buck, wandering the streets of Missoula, Montana, managed to add some color to his antlers by entangling them in a giant clump of yarn, with a stick in there for good measure. It’s a mystery how the animal acquired his new decorations, but from his demeanor it seems to be more of an accident than a daring fashion statement.

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The deer has been sporting his messy crown for at least two weeks, when he was first spotted. While people may feel inclined to intervene, wildlife officials say its better to let the tangle clear itself out. The deer doesn’t seem to be under excessive stress, so sedating it or trying to capture it would just cause undue harm.

While the deer doesn’t seem to be in immediate danger, he does seem awfully eager to shed the yarn and the attention he’s getting because of it. Antler shed season is just beginning, but for this embarrassed buck, the day he finally ditches his headgear can’t come soon enough.

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Deer Entangles its Antlers in Yarn, Sports Creative Hat [VIDEO]