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This is What a Deer with EHD Looks Like [VIDEO]

what a deer with EHD looks like
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Many people have heard of EHD but don’t really know what it means. Now it’s time to find out what a deer with EHD looks like.

EHD is the shortened form of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease; it is passed on to deer of many different species by bites usually from the biting midge (also known as no-see-ums or sand flies).

While it is not always fatal, in many cases the virus is just too strong for the deer to overcome.

EHD is one of the easiest diseases to recognize. It causes the infected deer’s pulse to quicken and increases the breathing speed. It also causes the entire body to start swelling. Because of these factors infected deer usually tend to head towards water. That’s exactly where this deer was when he was found.

As you can see from the video, the deer eventually get to a point where they are foaming at the mouth and can no longer move. Obviously, this is the point where those deer usually don’t make it.

Not much research has been put into the prevention of EHD or the long term effects of the disease on individual deer or herds.

Hopefully now that you know what a deer with EHD looks like you will be able to call your local game warden if you come across one. That way, we can learn more about this disease and hopefully prevent it from taking out more deer like this one.

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This is What a Deer with EHD Looks Like [VIDEO]