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Deer and Dog Play Racing Game Along Backyard Fence [VIDEO]

Watch a deer and dog become running buddies.

YouTube user Margaret Wray posted this video of her pitbull Zeke playing a running game with a deer that was on the other side of her backyard fence.

Their game is simple: run along side one another to the one end of the fence, try and hide from each other behind a post, and when found, run back to the other side. Repeat as many times as you can.

It's a tough life being a dog.

While most dogs would be barking, Zeke seems like he's having a great time with the deer. It looks like they both are having a pretty great time.

If bulldogs running with wildlife in backyards sounds familiar, you might be thinking of a video we shared last month. In that clip, a pair of bold bulldogs chase down a big black bear snacking on a bird feeder in the backyard of a New Hampshire home.

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Deer and Dog Play Racing Game Along Backyard Fence [VIDEO]