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Would Deer Ever Eat Live Perch? This One Did…

Deer are pretty unpredictable creatures. They are categorized as herbivores but maybe they should be considered pescatarian?

Some guys were ice fishing when a few deer curiously investigate.

Maybe the deer were looking for food?

One of the ice anglers got the bright idea to toss a live perch toward the deer. See what the deer does.

The deer goes up to investigate what was just thrown; it seems like it might have been fed before.

It takes a few licks as the fish flops around trying to avoid being eaten. The deer hungrily follows; maybe it enjoys chasing its meal.

The deer then decides it really likes this fishy snack and starts chomping. It crunches down and starts swallowing until all you can see is the little perch tail poking out from the deer’s mouth. It eats the whole damn thing!

This is a dangerous game…if deer find out they have a taste for meat then we might disrupt the entire food chain.

I really just think the deer like it wriggling in its mouth.

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Would Deer Ever Eat Live Perch? This One Did…