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This Deer Decided to “Swing” By [VIDEO]

When you’re in need of something to smile at, watch this funny deer video.

Deer and humans are inevitably going to intermingle, especially considering the population growth of both groups, plus the land development that keeps bringing them closer to each other.

Sometimes, this can be bad, like when you hit a whitetail with your car. Sometimes, it can be good, like when something this ridiculous happens, and it’s captured on film.

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Randy Wheeler, who describes himself as the Co-Owner at TeamRealDuck in his Facebook profile, posted the video a while back.

Now those are some great action shots. We’re hoping the cameraman managed to break the deer’s antlers free once he was done recording.

Like Wheeler said, “Don’t rub your antlers on a swing.”

Seriously, what’s the deal with antlers and swing sets? Here’s a video of a moose stuck in a similar situation.

Ever seen a nuttier deer video than this? Share below if so.

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This Deer Decided to “Swing” By [VIDEO]