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Deer Cull in Ann Arbor Leaves Residents Concerned

Ann Arbor Deer Cull

While other areas are concerned with deer populations, Ann Arbor begins deer cull.

Ann Arbor City Council has voted that there are too many deer roaming the city and its green spaces. They are concerned that it has become dangerous for the public and have voted for a deer cull.

Their solution is to temporarily lift an ordinance on guns in the public parks and allow hired sharpshooters to move in. These shooters will try to lure the deer in and remove up to 100 of them from the local population.

Many local residents are obviously concerned. Some are saying it is too dangerous, while others say it’s necessary to whittle down the population to prevent road accidents and domestic incidents. One activist group against the deer cull has even filed a lawsuit.

This deer cull is scheduled to take place slowly over the next two months.

How do you feel about sharpshooters taking to the parks in Ann Arbor? Do you think it is too dangerous to shoot a gun within city parks even if they are highly trained?

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Deer Cull in Ann Arbor Leaves Residents Concerned