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Deer Crashes Through Window of Texas Alarm Company

This deer gained entry through a window. You’d think an alarm company would have better security measures in place!

Employees at Connect One Alarm Company in west Houston had a surprise visitor last week – and he certainly didn’t use the front door. A buck deer decided to crash through a ground floor window, possibly in response to seeing his own reflection in the glass.

Luckily, the deer was contained in a small office and a game warden was summoned to help. The rescue took five minutes, and although an antler point was broken during the melee, it appears the animal will be just fine.

Speculation is that the deer made its way to the building after being displaced by rising water at the Barker Reservoir.

I have a feeling this deer will be staying clear away from windows for a little while. And the alarm company might just want to install bars in front of those panes of glass as well!



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Deer Crashes Through Window of Texas Alarm Company