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Deer Crashes Through Yogurt Shop in New Jersey

The rut is making deer battier than ever, and apparently it’s not just motorists who should keep an eye out. Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Shop in Holmdel, NJ was the unlucky recipient of a rogue deer who was perhaps craving a tasty bite of fro-yo when it crashed through their windows and began wrecking havoc on everything in its path. The ordeal was caught on the store’s security camera, with footage beginning right as the deer crashes through the yogurt shop:

The owner was able to wrangle the lost deer and show it the exit before more damage could be done. As always during the rut, stay alert while driving at night, and if you live in New Jersey, perhaps start holding your fro-yo a little bit closer.

Have deer been careening through your neighborhood since the rut started? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Deer Crashes Through Yogurt Shop in New Jersey