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Deer Crashes Through Bus Window and Causes It to Run Off Road [PICS]

Images via NBC News

An Austrian bus driver apparently forgot this deer’s stop.

On a dark, secluded road in southern Austria, a stag jumped through the windshield of a bus and ended up on the dashboard.

After the driver managed to pull over and move to the back, along with the only passenger (a 20-year-old local), the bus began to roll into the ditch.

The driver had forgotten to engage the hand brake, and the bus tipped on its side.


Both men escaped through the back door unharmed, but then the story got significantly stranger.

“The stag sat down on a seat in the second row, with his back legs on the ground and his forelegs on the backrest of the chair in front of him,” said Hans Ramsbacher, the police spokesman who attended the scene and took the pictures seen here through a broken window.

After waiting 45 minutes, the estimated one-year-old deer made its way out the back door and ran off.

Hunters were said to have taken up the stag’s trail, but were unable to find it.

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Deer Crashes Through Bus Window and Causes It to Run Off Road [PICS]