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Deer Crashes Through Michigan Store Front Window [VIDEO]

After brashly entering a Michigan business over the weekend, a whitetail deer left when it could not, in fact, “find everything it was looking for.”

Authorities don’t know the specific reason a deer crashed through the front window of Safety Products in Traverse City, Michigan over the weekend. Some speculate that, given the nature of the business, the deer may have been looking for a blaze orange safety vest in preparation for this fall’s annual deer hunting season.

But seriously, it was a surprise for both the store employees and local sheriff deputies who answered the alarm triggered by the deer. Security cameras captured images of the whitetail wandering through the store.

Cameras show the deer pushing a cart and checking a small grocery list, before realizing it was not in a grocery store after all.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader

But seriously again, Safety Products Employee Nick Bednarick told a reporter, “I was really surprised cuz… that doesn’t usually happen. I’m not really sure what the deer was thinking. I don’t know where he came from, but you just got a deal with it I guess.”

In spite of Bednarick’s revealing comment, we are still just as confused as ever as to why the deer crashed through the window and entered the store.

Police indicated that when they opened the door the deer escaped and crossed back over US Hwy 31, without giving a statement. The police have ruled out theft, as apparently no items were taken by the deer.

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Deer Crashes Through Michigan Store Front Window [VIDEO]